A thriving community, a rich history

Tardebigge Court is a hive of industry:  a working yard and a thriving community of specialist - and complementary - shops, trades and services

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Getting to know Tardebigge Court

Members of the Tardebigge Court retail community describe life in a working day, and the advantages of being in such a convenient location away from the town centre.

This video was produced in February 2016 by local company Broad Vision Media, specialists in video, sound, and still images. Visit their website at http://www.broadvisionmedia.co.uk (this link opens in a new window).

The courtyard with a rich history

Visiting Tardebigge Court is a chance to step into this historic part of rural Worcestershire.

Click here to find out more about its links to the Hewell Grange estate over several generations.

Shopping at Tardebigge Court

There are over 20 businesses based at Tardebigge Court, providing a uniquely diverse and complementary range of products and services.

List and location of shops and services

If you know which business you're looking for, click here for the full list (in alphabetical order) and where to find it in the courtyard.

Need inspiration or advice, maybe for furnishing your homepreparing for a wedding, looking for musical instruments and tuition or car repair and recovery?

See Complementary shops, trades and services below.

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Complementary shops, trades and services

Though we have a wide range of businesses, many of them offer related products and services.

Which is ideal if you need inspiration or expert advice in one convenient location - whatever it is you're looking for.

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