Tardebigge Court – a rich history

Tardebigge Court has become a unique, specialist business and retail centre

But it's also had a place in the rich history of this formerly quiet corner of rural, north east Worcestershire.

Once part of the grand 19th Century estate of Hewell Grange - home of the Earls of Plymouth - it was still in use as a working farm until the 1970s.

The extensive courtyard and surrounding buildings were later developed and refurbished, to become the distinctive range of retail and business units that you see today.

It's this connection with Hewell Grange that gives visitors a glimpse of Tardebigge Court's rich and eventful past.

Hewell Grange

The original estate that came to be known as Hewell Grange was built on land owned by Bordesley Abbey from the mid 12th to the mid 16th century. This once-influential Cistercian abbey was demolished in 1538 as part of the dissolution of the monasteries.

The land and existing grange were bought by Lord Windsor and work soon began on extending the scale and grandeur of the Hewell estate. The original grange was rebuilt at least three times by the Windsor (later Windsor-Clive) family from the early 1700s to the late 1800s.

The image on the right (taken from the Wikipedia page for Hewell Grange - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hewell_Grange) is of Hewell Grange in 1730, with the lake in the foreground.

Hewell Grange in about 1730 (image from Wikipedia)

In Tardebigge, the Windsor family name eventually died out (before being taken up by the current royal family). The owners of Hewell Grange resumed the title of the Earls of Plymouth.

The Hewell estate today

The Hewell Grange that exists today was built between 1884 and 1892 by the 1st Earl of Plymouth, Robert Windsor-Clive.

Hewell Grange is now owned by the prison service, and the remainder of the estate was sold into private ownership. However, the grange and gardens are occasionally open to the public - see Useful links below.

The names Windsor, Clive and Plymouth live on in several house and road names around the area.

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