List of shops and services

All the shops, trades and services at Tardebigge Court are listed below in alphabetical order, with the unit number next to the name

For similar types of business, see COMPLEMENTARY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES below.

Unit location map

In the list under the site map below, click on the name of the shop, trade or service to link to the website or Facebook page for that business. (Each link opens in a new window.)

List of units

The unit number for each business at Tardebigge Court, with a link to its own website or Facebook page.

Complementary products and services

Many of the wide range of products and services at Tardebigge Court are complementary.

Which means you may find more than one business can provide products and services  - as well as inspiration and expert advice - that help you, for example, furnish or improve your home, make your wedding day special, or allow you to treat and pamper yourself!

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